Open dialect – IDE for building flash 9 movies, AIR apps in Linux!

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After I found out about gnash (blog article here) – the open source Shockwave flash player, I thought why FOSS people are not programming an application to build flash movies so we can have it running on Linux. I was wrong, they’ve already built one… and it’s one of the best! It’s core is based on open source Adobe Flex language. IDE is written using C# (.NET Framework) and ported to Linux by mono and GTK#. Look the below screenshots to see how nice it is..

Open Dialect 0.6 running on mono 1.9 in FC9

Open Dialect 0.6 running on mono 1.9 in FC9

It’s easy to use as the flash, and this gives people the ability to build flash contents very fast which would be put on the internet. It’s flash-like because, it has all those programming components (buttons, sliders,text boxes, labels etc…) with the drawing components (circles,lines,squares,tables etc..); and it has the noticeable time line too. All of these can be dragged and dropped like in flash or VB. There are wizards for beginners like in MS Office, but If you need, you can switch to the flex code right away. This program is like power point because it allows transitions between “slides” like in PP.

The most important 2 features of this program is:

  • It can export Flash 9 SWF’s

  • It can design & compile AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) applications

Anyone knows how flash and AIR rocking the internet these days. This makes open-dialect a FOSS community priority, as it may be the only FOSS applications to handle both these types. Some people already say open dialect is the future of flash IDE’s.

Building a AIR application using OD

Building a AIR application using OD

For more information, you can visit their home site at this link.


It’s easy as ABC as pre-compiled binaries are already avialable. Download the version 0.6 from this link. Double click on the compressed .tar.gz file and drag and drop where you want them to be. Run the file opendialect. In the command line use the command ./opendialect (Please notice that your Linux distribution should be new enough for this).


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The mystery of Airpress: What happened to the best wordpress desktop client?

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Once upon a time, there was an application called AirPress, which came out as an Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) app, rocking the wordpress with a storm which the wordpress bloggers haven’t experienced before…. a fully-functional desktop publishing client for wordpress. It was so advance that it can just record your web cam videos live on the blog you’re writing ! (with edition 0.3 beta – in .flv format).

Although we have many desktop publishers today, at the time it came out (2007), there was none noticeable. And the program was still in the beta stage, running on the then AIR beta, but giving tremendous results. Look at the screenshots below, anyone really will fall in love.

Airpress 0.3 beta screenshot (extracted from

Airpress 0.3 beta screenshot (extracted from

According to Saad Hamid (blog article) – airpress had these amazing capabilities

  • Custom / animated windows

  • Embedded database for offline read/creation of posts

  • Detection offline / online

  • File I/O API for saving FLV webcam videos record

  • ActionScript / JavaScript Script bridging to interact with the text editor made in HTML/javascript.

  • Drag and Drop Support for the media (pictures, sounds, videos, flash animations…) you want to insert in your post.

  • Network communication with the blogs via XML-RPC

airpress blog post manager

airpress blog post manager (extracted from

So why i’m digging history again? I installed AIR last week, and I found this airpress application in almost all the top 10 AIR app lists. So I decided to search and download the .air file. Every site on the search results list gave a same link which actually redirected to some air (physical) utility site? (picture below) It seems like dummy meta-search engine put there just to fill the space! This was not the site in 2008!

The new ! (screenshot from

The new ! (screenshot from

After trying many links, I came to this link and so a free “external” download link below. And they say external ones are not reliable, of course coz it’s the same link above! I think they have the app, but want us to pay money for the mirror! A link for the 0.31 version is available but it did not work with my AIR 1.5 version which is strange.

A more interesting thing, in almost every blog post on airpress, you can find this comment about a similar program bookmash —— “A new application named Bookmash has been created with the functionnalities of Airpress and a lot of others functionnalities like mp3, video, picture search and download… Try it!” —– and same exact thing in different commenter name! But this program sucks, and have no capability as airpress! The same comment appeared on all these blogs below: (and many more)

I feel something fishy in all this. Anyway, i’m not a good investigator, I just gave the facts here. People who are good at it please dig!

Finally saying, i’m yet to try airpress because I can’t find it anywhere in the net or torrents. Any possible down links are welcome!

For people who don’t know about AIR platform — it’s an interpreter like java, which is machine independent. The core is based on adobe’s technologies such as acrobat, flash, flex,shockwave and non-adobe action script and ajax. So simply, AIR applications can do what these programs do easily, and the code is easier than java.

get it here:

some interesting apps:

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