Ideal system

Hi everyone, i guess it’s the time to thanks who was behind all this……………. who was with me all the years……………….. watching films with me, playing games with me……………. In sad times and in happy times …………………….. It’s my PC and , specially the OS i’m using.

The Fedora 9 alias Sulphur (maintained by RedHat inc.)

The Fedora 9 alias Sulphur (maintained by RedHat inc.)

I’m using Fedora 9 alias Sulphur, which helped me get this far. It’s an amazing all-in-one platform for development and installation of programs. They have inserted so many libraries in the default distribution that i  rarely had to bother installing them when trying to compile a program. It has the long trusted red hat blood in it’s veins, hence have the powerful RPM pkgmanager which makes it easy.

Multimedia programs are not that good, but can be easily upgraded. Fedora can be used  as an desktop OS, a workstation or a server ! Other popular distros like ubuntu and mint are loosing these abilities little by little.  Simply saying, you can install and run almost anything in Fedora ! And it is for the though guys ! Visit their site or download the DVD .iso (recommended – i don’t think fedora will do good in Live CD’s) from here. (here you get the i386 image)

OS has both the KDE 4 and GNOME 2.4 , but i hate KDE ……… linux should be linux, not something like a famina magazine ………… and i love the simplicity of the GNOME environment. If you want to experiance linux, use GNOME ! If you want fancy widgets i would prefer Mr.Gates’ Vista than KDE.

Let’s turn in to hardware i guess……………..

My Desktop

My Desktop

My machine is not a work horse ……… but it was called so 3 years back ….. it’s aged now.

  • Processor: Intel Prescott (# 531) 3 GHz 1MB cache (hence i386)
  • RAM: 1 kingston valueram 512MB one samsung 512MB = 1GB
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA81945GZME-RH
  • Optical drives: 1 samsung 22x DVD writer, 1 sony combo
  • hard drives: 1 maxtor 160GB, 1 hitachi 160GB = 320GB
  • VGA: on board by i950GMA 224MB (This really sucks when come to linux drivers, i’m using an experimental driver now)

I think this would be enough. So, enjoy people.


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