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There was a time computers were a luxury ….. There was a time when a computer with a 100MHz processor speed was called a power horse… I bought my first PC in those times. I started computing when the games Doom and Heretic was on the rock.

Heretic running on DENG - extracted from

Made by the ID software inc. these games became so immensely popular with the then younger generation, because they were the first, 3D first-person shooting games (like call of duty) ever to be on the market requiring just only a few hardware requirements, and first ones to exploit the power of creative sound-blaster sound cards. And the gaming experiences, still thrilling. The gaming innovation and logic behind doom and heretic keeps players playing it after 17 years.

Of course, I played these within MS-DOS at those times, but many people who are now using Linux likes to play the game. They can do so by choosing the dosbox emulator, and play the original game as in those times.

But many people thought of hacking (to improve) the game and came up with an open source emulator called doomsday engine (DENG) which uses the original id3 core files (.wad files); only to get the games strategic data (how the game goes, maps). The coolest thing is that every texture, unit, player, effect, weapon can be loaded from different ones from the original. Simply, people got together and re-designed textures etc.. to give superb 3D performance like in a new game! So you’ll be playing the same games (doom,heretic,hexen), with superb graphics! (and hacks) . Visit there homepage, for more information.

Doom running on DENG - extracted from


Installation is some what tricky. I heavily recommend compiling from source. You can download from here.

Tar -xvf deng-1.9****tar.gz ‘unpacking the tar file

cd <source directory> ‘ go inside the source directory , from here on i will use deng-1.9*** for the source folder.

cd doomsday

mkdir mybuild ‘create this directory if doesn’t exist

cmake .

If dependency problems found, install them. See installing from source (in my blog) for more info.


make install ‘(for debian systems, sudo make install)

We still need some stuff. This is the downloading part. These are called resource packs which includes open-source textures,units for the games. Download below things and copy each to deng-1.9***/snowberry/addons folder, after unzipping them. (you can go and have a look at the addons folder, it includes examples how unzipped things should be there).

this is enough for now. When you start to get things correctly, go to and download other stuff you want. Go to if you don’t know what to download.

Now you need some .wad files from the original games. Download those from this torrent. Unzip and put those in somewhere you can find. (if the above link doesn’t work, try searching for “doom heretic hexen wads” in torrentz.Com.


cd deng-1.9****/snowberry ‘Goto deng-1.9***/snowberry .

Snowberry is the graphical configuring tool for deng, which makes our life easy. Type,


If you have WxPython and pyGTK (i actually cannot remember) installed correctly, it will show a gui like below.

Snow berry GUI

Snowberry graphical deng configure running on my FC11

Configuring doom2

From the mini bar click profile and select new. A dialog box will appear, give it a name which you can identify, and select jdoom from the combo-box. You should see it on the left panel under shared settings.

Now it’s time to change some settings. Select the jdoom from panel, and click on the settings tab. Something like below should appear. For the game data file, browse the doom2.wad from the torrent download folder. Click on display and adjust resolution, and full screen view. Click on the addons tab and check jdoom-resource pack if it’s not checked.

Configuring doom1 and heretic

For the jheretic, choose heretic.wad and jheretic resource pack. (use your brain).

For doom1, choose doom.wad or ultimate.wad(something similar) and do as above.

The Playing part ….!

Just tell me whether you understand the stuff above and got it running …. then i will start telling you something about the games itself. Enjoy!


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