Goodbye Fedora 9

June 27, 2009 at 5:36 pm (Linux News)

I upgraded to the Fedora Core 9 Alias Sulphur distribution, more than a year ago. The one I had at that time (werewolf), was so buggy that I told some one to download the FC9, within the first week of it’s release. Everything you see in this blog, and many other up to 200 programs which were not the standard distribution of the DVD were tested on Fedora 9.

Bye Bye Sulphur

Bye Bye Sulphur

So it’s like loosing an old faithful friend to me. I learned FOSS up to this level from Fedora 9, Although I was using FC8 and FC7 before, they somewhat did not give me the feeling to experiment. And talking about fedora, it’s the best distro to experiment… bit harder than ubuntu, I know.. but that’s what pure Linux is.

Other than trying to be new, there’s some major improvements in utility programs I expect from FC11. As almost a year has passed by now, the new versions of the programs and compleately fresh programs came this year, seemed too mush to be handled by old FC9.

  1. Qt 4.3 to 4.5 – This has caused me to stop installing about 20 programs. People these days need Qt for GUI as they need coke
  2. Mono 1.9 – 2.x – C# happy people tends to right code in newest way possible to them. So until now, I was unable to install mono 2.0 !
  3. Boost libraries – Try installing some stastics programs without old versions. It gives hell.
  4. Gnome 2.26 – Always easy to do things when you have new GUI !
  5. Xulrunner – FC9 came with a beta, and it did give hell.

Other reasons are bugs:

  • Sleeping problem – FC9 system couldn’t sleep, it shuts down !
  • The authentic driver for 945GZ failed. So I used an experimental one.
  • GDM had a bug, so I can’t logout and loggin with another user, using GUI.
  • So many more

Anyway, of those 200 programs, many of them were compiled from source. So the RPM does not know about them and if the FC11 has the .rpm for those, it will overwrite the files, and this could cause problems. And above programs were compiled for kernel year ago, so I expect many programs to fail at the new OS. So I have listed all the manually installed programs, current list of RPM’s , bins and includes. This is hoe I did it.

rpm -qa >> filename ‘saves all RPM to a file

ls /usr/bin >> filename ‘saves list of binaries

ls /usr/include >> filename ‘saves list of source files

In case neede to search for something,

cat filename | grep <search string>

Ok i’m going to start it now. I hope current won’t go off.

Special thanks for Isuru Udana for providing me the FC9 DVD.



    1. Carlos Gili said,

      Dear Friend… seriously… try Debian… for servers is the best distro… things that were buggy in FC9/10 were working perfectly in Debian 4.0/5.0, some tools are different, but for sure you will find apt-get very useful, no more configuration issues, no more compiling, no more debugging, saved me months of research and reading tons of manuals and blogs, some hardware compatibility issues with the latest Motherboards ad Hard Drives are solved too.
      Just test it in one machine for more than 2 days, actually trying to put a 3th of the effort you dedicated to familiarize yourself with Fedora to try and setup a similar server and you’ll find the differences, at first as you are very familiar with Fedora, some things will seem weird, until you find the real use and scope of the tools they provide, try especially Synaptic (GUI) and/or the apt-get/aptitude (command tools). And don’t download and compile any software as you used to, just use apt-get to install it, if there a software package not listed, try searching for the software name and debian in google, you will certainly find either a .deb distribution or the URL of a repository to add to your apt-get sources, 15 mins tops, and you’ll have it working.

      • Malshan Peiris said,

        I agree to what you have said. Anyway, I was able to get fedora 11 running as I need now. The major change from 9 to 11 was that I started using yum (you don’t believe me when I say that it’s my first time) ! (almost same as apt-get) Although hard to realize, compiling programs is not a good way around FC 11. I failed starting from mplayer, trying to compile from source.
        Thanks for the tip. Linux is all about trying new things and living new.

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