Moonlight 3D – Linux can do 3D animation

June 24, 2009 at 8:39 pm (1, Graphics) (, , , , )

Some 2 weeks ago, I posted an article about Genious, an excellent Java program. When writing that blog I recalled another brilliant Java program I installed about an year ago. It’s a 3D animation program ! No one will think Java can do that.

It’s a simple program written using Swing, mostly like 3D studio max to design and animate 3D objects. A grid is there as usual with space vectors x,y,z. 3D view and xy,yz,xz plane views are shown simultaneously. A timeline is visible when you hit create animation button. Additionally, python scripts can be used to program the animation.  You can select one of many basic shapes under create object pane, and modify it from the modify menu bar. So my first drawing looked like this. (I’m not good at graphics). Anyway, you can have some fun with this program, whatever you know.

3D graphics I created - version 0.2.0 running on JRE 1.6

3D graphics I created - version 0.2.0 running on JRE 1.6 (@ FC9)

According to their homepage , these are the features of version 0.2.2

  • Modelling – Unique history-based approach ,Support for non-manifold meshes, including polygons with arbitrary vertex counts ,3D manipulators ,Object instancing ,Fully editable object history at any time
  • Materials, Lighting and Rendering-Fully integrated Sunflow, a renderer with support for modern lighting features like ambient occlusions, global illumination and caustics ,Omnidirectional, spherical and spot light sources ,HDR image output ,GLSL support including GLSL shader editor
  • Animation-Multiple animations of scenes ,Virtually all parameters in the construction history are animateable separately,Rendering of animations
  • Other-Flexible user interface that can be adapted to the user’s needs ,Flexible and extensible plugin based architecture ,Full Python scripting capability,Headless batch mode ,Integrated script editor
The operator graph of moonlight 0.2.0

The operator graph of moonlight 0.2.0

You can download the binary files version 0.2.2 for Linux from this link (14MB). Just make sure you have latest Java Runtime installed to run the program. Untar the downloaded file and double-click on or at the terminal type,
Moonlight Application Framework
Is the package for programming moonlight components, specially it’s plugins. My knowledge is limited on this subject, anyway you can download the source code from here.



  1. yr3d said,

    Thanks 3d is always useful.

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  2. jack said,

    let me share a huge list of 3d tutorials for 3d lovers

    mayb linux 3d lovers will take a peak at it..

  3. steve said,

    moonlight 3D makes things easier, but how the fuck do you use it on tuts no instructions not even a get started help. Sooooo!

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