EXT2 IFS – Handling Linux partitions in windows

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This program is not a Linux program. It’s free (but not open source) program which runs on windows to give read-write access to the linux EXT2/EXT3 partitions by supplying drivers.

You may think why i’m posting something “windows” in the totally Linux environment of my blog. Actually, you and all Linux people should understand, that considerable amount of people are still using windows out there. But they are turning to linux bit by bit, but some sinple things keep them not doing so; for an example, having to dedicate a partition for a linux installation. As newbies start linux searching for a different taste only, they are very unlike to loose a “windows-usable” hard drive space for an experiment! (I guess you know that windows don’t ship EXT2 drivers).

So the simple task of EXT2IFS program is to provide those drivers required. Thus, the EXT2 can be worked as the usual NTFS system in the same way. This gives a large push towards “Go Linux”. I will stop talking here. Here’s the program below. You can download version 1.11a from this link or you can go to their homepage.

The installation screen - I like seeing the Tux in windows!

The installation screen - I like seeing the Tux in windows!

And a simple thing. You are allowed to choose whether read-only or not at the installation. If you have virus swarming in your windows, without read-only they can get in to the linux drive. But don’t worry, they can’t do even a scratch damage to linux. (just make sure files are not deleted – very rare)

My /boot partition now open to windows (warning: do not change any file in this partition. Just leave it alone!)

My /boot partition now open to windows (warning: do not change any file in this partition. Just leave it alone!)

May the Tux win !

Huraah to linux!


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Save my windows-infected flash drive using linux

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This article is intended for beginners only.

As many people are suffering from the virus problem these days (specially in SL); which are mainly traveled through the pen drives I thought of giving a simple solution, which is removing them using linux. This is far better than searching for keys for the kasper-sky and getting black-listed in the process. As this can be done using a live-cd too, people who (still) have windows running, can insert the pen to windows after cleaning it in linux. And the main thing is that viruses which attack Linux are extreamly rare, and they never travel via pen drives! (How about a part time job of recovering friends’ pen drives?)

A typical faith of a pen drive inserted in to windows

A typical faith of a pen drive inserted in to windows

Just insert the pen drive in when linux is running. A fairly modern linux distribution will show up a shortcut on the desktop. Double click it. You should be able to indentify viruses as they are

  • Mostly .exe files or .bat

  • autorun.inf is a virus launcher

  • Always have sizes smaller than 3MB. From this you can identify which .exe are viruses

  • Mostly in the root of flash drive, anyway folders inside may have viruses usually having the exact name of the folder. If this is frequently found in other folders, this should be a virus.

  • What you didn’t send to your pen drive could be a virus (ex: Autorun folder, recycled folder etc..)

  • Note: In a U3 pen drive, U3 system is no virus and Documents and System folders are no virus.

Identify the viruses, and shift + delete as you would do in windows.

But some will not remove saying “permission denied”. For these, open command line (ex: terminal) and type

———- For non-debian based systems(ex: fedora, mandriva) only; type:

su –

password: (type admin password here) now you are root. Do this anytime if you get “permission denied” error. continue down.————–

cd /media


This will show up the folders of removable media. The pen drive will show in it’s name. Type

cd <name of the folder here> && ls

is the tough guy is a file; type, rm <filename here>

if it’s a folder type, rm -Ir <folder name>

———For a live CD or debian based system (ex: ubuntu, mint, kubuntu) use word sudo infront of each command (which avoids “permission denied” issues.)——————

formatting flash drive on FAT32 using linux

I have met many people complaining about “lost” drive space in their pen drives. This is not because of hidden files, I guess this is a bug in FAT. They also say formatting under windows won’t help. But formatting under Linux does well.

You should first unmount the volume. type,

Cd /


this shows up a list as below. Identify your pen drive by name, and write down it’s file system name (ex: /dev/sdb1 )

The output of df

The output of df

umount /media/<pen folder>

and type this

mkdosfs -c -F 32 -I -n <new drive name you want> -v <what you noted down before, the filesystem name>

Name should be a single word; and you will get something like this (see the example there).

output of mkdosfs

output of mkdosfs

You’re done now. Pen is Ready!

When you try to remove a file, if it says read-only disk then you should mount it with read/write previlages. For that you have to unmount the drive as mentioned above. Then use

mount -o rw <file system name> <a path you like, an empty folder>

this should create a short cut in new versions. Try removing virus process again. For more use of mounting, see here.

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Gnash – The FOSS Shockwave flash player

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When I say “shockwave flash” people usually do not understand it. This is not the flash movies you find on youtube (.flv); these are .SWF files which works as animations, programs (ex: some games & programs you play in net). As Macromedia (now owned by Adobe) has 100% successful players for these, they are not open source! And i’m afraid they can’t play standalone flash programs (.exe) created for Windows in Linux ! (and Gnash can)

Gnash 0.8.3 playing torpedojoe.exe on FC9

Gnash 0.8.3 playing torpedojoe.exe on FC9

Gnash player evolved from the GameSWF, and now is the only active FOSS flash player project.

Gnash features (Version 0.8.3 which I have),

  • Plays SWF up to version 7

  • Plays .exe standalone SWF up to V7

  • Has plugins for Firefox and Konqueror

  • Plays some .flv files

And many exporting functions which i’m not used to that much. Click here to go to their homepage.


Gnash has .rpm packages for Fedora,Mandriva, Suse. It can be simply installed by (when you’re root)

yum install gnash

I have seen some .deb packages in the net, so ubuntu,mint,debian users can have a try

sudo apt-get gnash

For installing from the source, you can download the source for version 0.8.5 here. After untaring the file, typing



make install will do the job, for more information on how to compile from source click here.

After installing, you can use command

gnash <filename> to run a file

just typing gnash only will give you the command -flags help, which is very helpful for using powerful gnash command line functions. I’m not going to fill the space up here with them.


Gnash can render SWF on 3 different libraries. Default is the agg, which has the best quality and bug free output — but this may make it little bit slow, and requires some dependencies. (as the agg itself). Anyway, if you have a good VGA card and 100% working drivers, you may go for opengl. Just use

–enable-renderer=opengl when configuring (ex: ./configure –enable-renderer=opengl)

Same manner cairo can be used –enable-renderer=cairo

By default, gnash uses Gstreamer framework (Click about on Totem to see what you have) which is the most efficient. But you can use


if you have ffmpeg and SDL libraries installed. (This is not recommended).

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The mystery of Airpress: What happened to the best wordpress desktop client?

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Once upon a time, there was an application called AirPress, which came out as an Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) app, rocking the wordpress with a storm which the wordpress bloggers haven’t experienced before…. a fully-functional desktop publishing client for wordpress. It was so advance that it can just record your web cam videos live on the blog you’re writing ! (with edition 0.3 beta – in .flv format).

Although we have many desktop publishers today, at the time it came out (2007), there was none noticeable. And the program was still in the beta stage, running on the then AIR beta, but giving tremendous results. Look at the screenshots below, anyone really will fall in love.

Airpress 0.3 beta screenshot (extracted from www.quickonlinetips.com)

Airpress 0.3 beta screenshot (extracted from http://www.quickonlinetips.com)

According to Saad Hamid (blog article) – airpress had these amazing capabilities

  • Custom / animated windows

  • Embedded database for offline read/creation of posts

  • Detection offline / online

  • File I/O API for saving FLV webcam videos record

  • ActionScript / JavaScript Script bridging to interact with the text editor made in HTML/javascript.

  • Drag and Drop Support for the media (pictures, sounds, videos, flash animations…) you want to insert in your post.

  • Network communication with the blogs via XML-RPC

airpress blog post manager

airpress blog post manager (extracted from http://www.sizlopedia.com)

So why i’m digging history again? I installed AIR last week, and I found this airpress application in almost all the top 10 AIR app lists. So I decided to search and download the .air file. Every site on the search results list gave a same link http://www.airpress.org/airpress.air which actually redirected to some air (physical) utility site? (picture below) It seems like dummy meta-search engine put there just to fill the space! This was not the site in 2008!

The new Airpress.org ! (screenshot from www.airpress.org)

The new Airpress.org ! (screenshot from http://www.airpress.org)

After trying many links, I came to this link http://airpress.10001downloads.com/download and so a free “external” download link below. And they say external ones are not reliable, of course coz it’s the same link above! I think they have the app, but want us to pay money for the mirror! A link for the 0.31 version is available http://software.emule.com/airpress-0-31/download.php but it did not work with my AIR 1.5 version which is strange.

A more interesting thing, in almost every blog post on airpress, you can find this comment about a similar program bookmash —— “A new application named Bookmash has been created with the functionnalities of Airpress and a lot of others functionnalities like mp3, video, picture search and download… Try it!” —– and same exact thing in different commenter name! But this program http://www.bookmash.com sucks, and have no capability as airpress! The same comment appeared on all these blogs below: (and many more)






I feel something fishy in all this. Anyway, i’m not a good investigator, I just gave the facts here. People who are good at it please dig!

Finally saying, i’m yet to try airpress because I can’t find it anywhere in the net or torrents. Any possible down links are welcome!

For people who don’t know about AIR platform — it’s an interpreter like java, which is machine independent. The core is based on adobe’s technologies such as acrobat, flash, flex,shockwave and non-adobe action script and ajax. So simply, AIR applications can do what these programs do easily, and the code is easier than java.

get it here: http://get.adobe.com/air/

some interesting apps: http://tnerd.com/2007/10/02/best-applications-adobe-air-top/

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