Maxima : The maths notebook

February 18, 2009 at 10:42 pm (linux apps) (, , , , )

This article is about mathematica-like FOSS application maxima.

WxMaxima running on FC9, Gnome

WxMaxima running on FC9, Gnome

I usually get big intergrations and ODE’s which i cannot solve on my own. Functions of these without boundry conditions cannot be solved by most programs, and most of them give alien output which is far different than your school notebook. This is where maxima comes in with built in functions. You can check out maxima website for more details.

Maxima runs using LISP. There are several distributions of LISP, but i recommend common lisp alias CLISP (type clisp on rpmfind for rpms- or download source from here) for the purpose. It’s slow than others, but less-troublesome. You should install CLISP before installing maxima. If you’re installing from source (download here) it will be auto-detected. The same old method, which is to CD in to source folder path and typing (this contains “configure” file)



make install will install your app.

If downloading from binaries choose package which suits your installed LISP package.

ex: download maxima-runtime-clisp if you installed CLISP as your LISP.

maxima-runtime-elisp if you installed ELISP as your LISP etc.

When you’re done installing maxima, type maxima for command line interface and xmaxima for inbuilt GUI. The xmaxima also contains some example codes.

The xmaxima inbuilt GUI

The xmaxima inbuilt GUI

Recommende GUI – WxMaxima (see the first picture)

Although xmaxima is good, it lacks modern  GUI touch. wxwidgets have good solution for this, and this even includes openmath software for pretty plotting than from GNUPLOT. You can download the source from this link.


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