Adding A/V support for linux: Install Mplayer

November 1, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Audio / Video, Linux codecs) (, , , , , )

This is for Mplayer installing: x86 based PC on Linux

mplayer running on FC9, gnome


Many people are talking about cannot getting videos or sounds to play on linux. (except for ubuntu new)
Even if you have installed codecs, you should really go for this player: It can even play with win32 codecs; just need to drop in to folder!

go to to check it out

download from…1.0rc2.tar.bz2
untar it using your archeive manager (open- and drag and drop where you want to copy)
go in to the folder in command line (termina/console) and type

./configure –enable-gui

if no errors found (if you get dependency errors you’ve to install them first — look the list down)
then type


this takes about an hour ——- wait and hope for good luck — program is being compiled from the source code………
then if it’s completed without errors, then go admin in command line
su –
passwd: (enter your admin passwd here)
(NOTE: you can always type “root” as username and passwd at linux login screen to be admin from the start-if you are not familiar with command line-so you can use normal GUI to copy files without permission problems.)

make install

will install mplayer to every user but, without codecs
download codecs at…071007.tar.bz2
untar it as i said before, and copy the codec files (not the folder) in to
/usr/local/lib/codecs, if no codecs folder exist, create one. (hope you know to use cp and mkdir commands)

now goto the codecs path and type (as admin/root)

chmod ugo+rwx *.*

now you can type

mplayer filename

to play anyfile!
ex: mplayer *.* will play all files in directory.

for the gui; use gmplayer instead
in order to GUI to work, you need skins, download this:
untar it,
and paste the whole folder
/home/(your user name)/.mplayer/skins
~/.mplayer/skins (as normal user, not admin)
go inside the folder and use chmod as before (as admin)
If need more help, please reply.
I’m using fedora 9 (and not windows)

If configure says your machine not having something — you can just ignore them if they are optional
or else goto search and type it there to find what you want (for Suse, mandriva and fedora only)

Check for my “Compiling Linux apps from source” page for more help. 



  1. Jim said,

    You can just install it from the Livna repository (soon from the RPM Fusion) along with the codecs for the current versions (8 and 9).

  2. Malshan Peiris said,

    I was going to mention that too. But the thing it that you get the most out of mplayer and mencoder only if it was compiled for your machine, with selections among what to activate and not all linux can have that luck. And of course, many people have asked me how to compile from source.
    Thanks for the comment………..
    as Jim said,
    For livna packages, type “mplayer” on search

  3. Chaminda said,

    Good work bro. Keep it up

    Im using CentOS 5.3 but cant install Mplayer. there is a dependency problem. The system say libavcodec can’t install.

    • Malshan Peiris said,

      Do you mean, it says that libavcodec can’t install or unable to find libavcodec (as a dependency) so it can’t install? For the second matter, i suppose you install package avcodec seperately.

  4. Play music on command line « Malshan’s Linux Blog said,

    […] This doesn’t need much introduction; which is as my perception is the best multimedia player ever, which can play videos too. Apart from the gmplayer (or mplayer-gui), the mplayer command can be used to play music on command line, with showing in depth info. Mplayer can play any audio file, it’s heavily stable and takes less resources. You can see my previous post on mplayer. […]

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